Caring for your succulents and air plants

Here are some basic instructions on how to care for your succulents and air plants to keep them looking great.


Succulent Care

  • Succulents require at least half day sun. They can take the heat as long as there is some shade so avoid direct sun in hot summer weather.
  • Succulents have specialized cells in their leaves, stems and roots that hold moisture so they do not require as much water as other plants. That is what makes them perfect for our dry climate!
  • Let the soil dry out before watering. Do not over water! They will rot. Water at the base of the plants and avoid wetting the leaves. 
  • Yes! Replant those succulents and here's how!
    • Succulents don't mind being planted close together and will generally stay small if in a small container but you may notice them beginning to stretch. It is perfectly okay to move them to a bigger pot or plant straight in to your garden.
    • It is recommended to use a soil for cacti as it drains better and too much moisture will be the demise of your succulents. Note: I only use cacti soil for pots otherwise I just make sure the spot in my garden for succulents is not overly moist. 
    • Remember, succulents can take the heat as long as it does not include direct afternoon summer sun. I pick spots that have morning sun and afternoon shade.
    • Succulents are drought tolerant so let them dry between watering. 

Cacti are succulents! But these thorny bunch like lots of sun and heat. Let the soil completely dry out before watering. Always error on the side of dry and your cacti will be happy.


Air Plant Care

  • Most Tillandsia (Air Plants) are epiphytes, which means they do not need soil and gather moisture from the air. They naturally grow in humid conditions so they do require some extra water in our dryer climate.
  • To properly care for your air plant, soak it for 30 minutes in a tall glass of room temperature water every three to four weeks.  After soaking gently shake excess water from your plant. Replace it in its container. 
  • They like indirect sunlight and should always be in a container with lots of air circulation to avoid rotting.

Seasonal Arrangements

  • You may find that some of the seasonal succulents are attached to sphagnum moss. This is a perfect material for the succulents to set roots. 
  • The succulents are attached to the moss with hot glue. I know what you are thinking but it really does not hurt them and they will root in to the moss when given the proper care. (FYI, if a succulent pops off, don't be afraid to glue it back on. You can even use regular Elmer's - see how awesome succulents are)! 
  • To water these arrangements, place them either in a sink or on a towel or pan and water the succulents around the base. My favorite tool is a kitchen syringe which allows me to direct the water around the succulents. 
  • These arrangements should be give the same light requirements as any other succulent. 
  • They will last in the moss for a month and even up to 3 or 4 but to get the most out of your succulents you will eventually want to replant them. Remember, they are living, and will continue to give you lots of enjoyment with just a few extra steps. 
  • Now you can refer over to the left column under "Succulent Care" and follow the directions for replanting.
  • Enjoy!!